Rabbitman and Friends
The Road

Self Portrait as a Rabbit, 2001
Oil on canvas, 74 "x80"

Rabbitman Lecturing to Hare
Rabbitman Lecturing to Hare, 2002
Oil on Canvas, 64"x60"


Rabbitman Painting
Rabbitman Painting, 2002
Oil on Canvas, 60"x64"


Faith, with Eyes Up
The Happy Homemaker, 2002
Oil on Canvas, 80 "x90"


Rabbitman and Son
Rabbitman and Son, 2003
Charcoal, 38"x50"

Falling Rabbit Man
Falling Rabbitman, 2003
Charcoal, 38"x50"

Rabbitman and Rat
Rabbitman and Rat, 2003
Charcoal, 38"x50"

Reflective Rabbitman
Reflective Rabbitman, 2003
Charcoal, 38"x50"


Dancing Rabbitman
Dancing Rabbitman, 2003
Charcoal, 38"x50"


Woman with Mask and Rabbit
Woman with Mask and Rabbit, 2003
Charcoal, 38"x50"

SP, Rabbit Ears
Rabbitman with Ax and Squirrel, 2003
Charcoal, 50 "x38"

Rabbitman and the Good Mouse
Rabbitman and the Good mouse, 2003
Charcoal, 50 "x38"

Ktichen Fire
Kitchen Fire, 2003
Oil on canvas, 72 "x80"

Happy Homemaker and Rabbitman,2003
Oil on canvas, 50 "x60"


Rabbitman, Mr. Rat, and Pinocchio,2003
Oil on canvas,80 "x74"


Romantic Rabbitman,2003
Oil on canvas, 64 "x60"



Mr. Rat and Puppet
Mr. Rat and Puppet, 2003
Oil on canvas, 72 "x80"

The Imposter
The Imposter, 2003
Oil on canvas, 54"x50"